This is Vision, Robotics & Motion

Tighter customer demands, shorter lead times, high workload, and personnel shortage... As a manufacturing company, you face challenges that impact the effectiveness and continuity of your production environment. Automating your production environment or part of it, with robotics, vision and motion but also with AI solutions, can make a difference. However, finding and implementing appropriate solutions is often as challenging as it is time-consuming. What is possible, how do you approach it, and, more importantly, who can help you? You will discover this during Vision, Robotics & Motion.

Vision, Robotics & Motion provides you with a complete overview of solutions for smart automation in a production environment

  • Discover the use cases and tips of manufacturing companies during the conference and hear about the latest technological developments and applications from industry experts:
  • Meet 100 manufacturers, system integrators, suppliers, and consultants who can help you with suitable solutions and implementation at the expo
  • Discover on the demo areas what you can learn from innovative applications from other industries such as logistics and agriculture
VRM23 programma

This is Vision, Robotics & Motion

VRM23 programma

VisionRoboticsMotion overveiw2

Smart automation can drive the industry to the next level

The Vision, Robotics & Motion trade show captures the imagination. The futuristic-looking scenes with large and small robots are already technically feasible. But large-scale application remains (for now) out of the question. How do entrepreneurs implement elements such as vision technology in their processes? What does the future look like? This fair was created to answer that question. 

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Start-Ups and Student Teams Discuss Their Technologies

Vision, Robotics & Motion is a highly anticipated event in the manufacturing industry that will take place in the Netherlands on the 7th and 8th of June, 2023.

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VRM Header website2

Start-Ups and Student Teams Discuss Their Technologies

The Young Talent Square is another event highlight, providing a platform for student-teams and start-ups to showcase their innovative solutions. Five start-up companies and two student teams will be featured at the Young Talent Square in 2023. 

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Intelligently automate your production process according to exhibitors Yaskawa and Sick

In the world of Industry 4.0, all kinds of production processes are interconnected. The maintenance service receives a signal that a part needs to be replaced, even before it breaks down.

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Techcafe robotica

Robotisation in SMEs: How to get started and learning from eachother

The Techcafé (an initiative by Mikrocentrum, among others) has already focused on robotics for SMEs over the past year.

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VRM 2023

Vision, Robotics & Motion 2023 revolves around smart production automation in manufacturing industry

A rapidly changing world demands even more flexible, reliable, safe, and fast production. An integrated system where vision technology, robotics, and motion control are intelligently connected in one process is...

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Participating in Vision, Robotics & Motion

Vision, Robotics & Motion combines a trade fair and a conference where leading suppliers and scientists from the Benelux and Germany come to show the latest developments in fields such as vision, robotics, sensors, mechatronics, grippers, and drive and operating technologies. This makes Vision, Robotics & Motion the number 1 platform for machine manufacturers, scientist, system integrators, and consumers to meet each other. As an exhibitor you can choose from a wide range of stand and presentation options, such as the inclusion of a product presentation at one of the demo squares. You will also have the opportunity to share your knowledge in the conference program.

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