New pillar: Digital Innovation

The possibilities and tools to digitise are vast, often complex and require high investments. It is not incomprehensible that, as a manager in a high-tech or manufacturing company, you run into a host of practical issues. You want to join the digitisation wave, but where do you start? What is applicable in your company, how do you properly tackle an implementation and how do you apply new technologies in, for instance, your current machinery or production environment? Not to mention the transition from analogue to digital. To help these companies with this, we at Vision, Robotics & Motion are adding a new pillar: Digital Innovation.

Digital Innovation puts implementation of digitization solutions for high-tech and manufacturing industries centre stage

The focus is on providing practical tools and giving technical professionals a good idea of how digitisation can strengthen their business. And with a separate hall and lecture programme, with the addition of Digital Innovation, Vision, Robotics & Motion offers a one-stop shop for the factory of the future.

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Digital Innovation provides a stage for companies and suppliers with digitisation solutions in the areas of:

  • Enterprise software tools such as ERP, PLM, planning software, MES, CAD/CAM
  • Data science: artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning
  • Big data and data analytics
  • Digital twins
  • Smart and predictive maintenance
  • Cyber security
  • Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality for industrial applications
  • Implementation, integration and connectivity

Does your company offer such solutions and would you like to connect with professionals from the high-tech and manufacturing industry? Then profile your company at Digital Innovation!

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