• 14:00-14:25
  • Zaal 1
  • ILO-Net

"Rocket” science in the deep sea

  • Marck Smit
  • NIOZ sea research
  • Jan Visser
  • NIKHEF particle physics

At a water depth of 3 km in the Mediterranean two large scientific detection systems have been deployed. One for looking into the galaxy for detecting neutrino’s and one for looking at deep sea internal waves. In this unexpected combination particle physics meets sea research. Jan Visser of the particle physics research institute Nikhef will explain the KM3NeT neutrino telescope and the challenges deploying it. Marck Smit of sea research institute Royal NIOZ will explain the 3D thermistor array and the challenges deploying it. In both projects Remotely Operated Vehicles play a crucial role.