• 14:30-14:55
  • Zaal 1
  • ILO-Net

Superconducting high-resolution imaging X-ray spectrometers for space and ground based applications

  • Luciano Gottardi
  • NWO-I/SRON, Netherlands Institute for Space Research

Based on low temperature superconductivity, Transition Edge Sensors (TES) is the exclusive technology for future X-ray mission in space. X-ray instruments based on TESs microcalorimeters
are non-dispersive imaging spectrometers, which provide an exquisite resolving power
(E/ΔE > 2000) over a wideband energy range, from few eV up to 20 keV or more, along with
almost 100% quantum efficiency. The detectors are lithographically fabricated in large arrays providing imaging capability or high count-rate potential, when no imaging is required.  In this lecture, I present the state-of-the-art of the spectrometers originally developed for astrophysics research in space. Nowadays, they have reached a technological maturity level such that they are and could be  employed at accelerator beamlines, synchrotron facilities and laboratory plasmas for a wide range of applications, from material analysis, low background particle physics experiments to  fusion plasma diagnostic.