• 11:00-11:25
  • Zaal 2

Micro and nano optical inline inspection

Today’s sensors meet structure sizes in the µm or even nm range at high circuit complexity. These structures are usually printed in thin layer technology and coated in thin film technology. Sensors as well as glass-material usually have to be investigated for surface and coating defects by optical techniques. So far, it has been impossible or prohibitively expensive to implement automated quality assurance procedures for each individual optical measure and at high throughput. Quality assessment is therefore mostly limited to statistical sampling techniques employing specially trained personnel performing the evaluations. In the present pilot project, the authors have demonstrated a successful implementation of a system which adjusts the focus and RGB-Lighting with new developed technique features. Next, the image data are transferred to the AlfaVis analysis software developed and distributed by SMD Production-Technology. This software package is developed for the detection of various types of structural defects on the original sample, like missing circuit structures, short circuits or any other surface defects or surface pollution. The system is flexible and can be adapted quickly and easily to a change of sample layout requiring only minutes for the adjustment to the new layout and to the optimization process.